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Mar 21 - Mar 24, 2012

Musikmesse/ProLight+Sound 2012


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Outline to unveil 5 new high performance subwoofers

Outline GTO-SUB

Mar 19, 2012

If compared with the complexity of high frequency waveguides, on which
long white papers have been published, to a layman, subwoofers may
seem to be little more than sturdy...

If compared with the complexity of high frequency waveguides, on which long white papers have been published, to a layman, subwoofers may seem to be little more than sturdy wooden boxes intended to reproduce the “less noble” part of the sound spectrum.

In actual fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Modern professional subwoofers for no-compromise reproduction of the infra-low frequency range are among the most ingenious units that could be conceived from an acoustic point of view.

Nowadays, the power involved and the relative mass of air moved by a modern long-stroke transducer can cause a long series of side effects that are harmful for precise reproduction of music, as well as running the risk of physically dismantling cabinets.

If one considers the extremely hard working conditions they are subjected to in the professional sound reinforcement field (including continuous loading and unloading on and off trucks), it is easy to understand how the apparently trivial choice of screws, incorrectly positioned bracing, badly designed joints, vents that do not have optimum lines and a choice of physical parameters for high loudspeaker signals not perfectly calibrated according to the acoustic loading, can make an enormous difference in terms of systems’ sound pressure, reproduction quality and overall reliability.

The profitable on-going cooperation relationship that Outline has had for years with the world’s major rental companies on one hand and on the other its increasingly in-depth research to optimize development, manufacture and testing processes (material, components, technology, measurement instruments, etc.) have also been fundamental for the success achieved in the realization of these new subwoofers.


This passive subwoofer equipped with two long-stroke 18” loudspeakers, designed and developed for the reproduction of infra-low frequencies, completes the GTO (Grand Touring Outline) series. Like the other elements in this series, the GTO-SUB features innovative rigging hardware manufactured in light alloy - used in the aerospace field - designed to be as strong as steel but weighing 66% less. Sixteen modules can be flown in a vertical array (12 in the case of particularly inclined arrays). The design of the cabinet and the flying hardware are also suitable for "cardioid" arrays (which avoid undesired power emission behind the system, "moving" it to the front in the frequency range involved) in both flown and stacked set-ups. The GTO-SUB’s frequency response ranges from 28 Hz to 160 Hz (-10dB) and the SPL of each single element is 145 dB (peak value in half-space conditions), with extremely low distortion levels. The loudspeakers’ peak power handling capacity is 9600W AES.

FLYSUB 15 iMode

Powered subwoofer - equipped with a long-stroke 15” loudspeaker - designed specifically for the reinforcement of the low frequencies of the Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. vertical line array. Equipped with Outline’s proprietary iMode technology and an extremely efficient Class D amplifier (1000W EIAJ on 8 Ω).

The rigging hardware, perfectly compatible with that of the Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. system, ensures the fastest possible installation.

The cabinet’s raked lines enable a wider range of geometric configurations in a VLA context, taking into consideration the mechanical stress for which the materials ensuring the necessary safety margins were carefully selected.

The FLYSUB’s acoustic loading was calculated for operation that also highlights the top end of the reproduced frequency range (upper bass frequencies), for a perfect match with the Mini-COM.P.A.S.S., which is thus relieved from the work of reproducing the lowest frequencies. This results in greater dynamics and distortion is reduced to a minimum, a great advantage for overall sonic quality.

To achieve these results, the 15” loudspeaker (manufactured to precise Outline specifications) is fitted with a dual spider to enable the system to stand up to hard use and ensure performance is maintained through the years: upgraded ventilation to handle power peaks; careful measurement of electroacoustic parameters based on powerful signals to obtain a well-balanced design able to be exploited to the maximum in the system’s field of application (excursion, current, temperature). The FLYSUB’s frequency response ranges from 35 Hz to 550 Hz (-10 dB) and peak SPL is 136.5 dB.


Passive subwoofer designed for use with the new EIDOS 265 LA vertical line array (which is also a passive system). Features the same dimensions and mechanical and electro-acoustic specifications as the FLYSUB 15 iMode, but requires an external amplifier and DSP when used.

DBS 18-2

According to the opinion of the most authoritative industry members, Outline’s Subtech 218 was a 2x18” that was hard to improve on. With the new DBS 18-2 - a passive sub with two 18” long-stroke loudspeakers - Outline’s R&D department has managed to win this demanding challenge.

The aim - anything but easy - was to achieve even more precise natural reproduction of the infra-low frequency range and reduce distortion to a minimum. Thanks to the ingenious “Decoupled Baffle Subwoofer” acoustic configuration - another innovation as far as loudspeaker design is concerned - Outline has achieved objectively exceptional sturdiness and an extension down to the lowest frequencies that is hard to beat, all without noise due to turbulence caused by high-speed air movement. So it was precisely a combination of several devices that resulted in such convincing sonic quality in the frequency range involved.

Here are a few figures: the DBS 18-2’s frequency response ranges from 28 Hz to 160 Hz (-10 dB) and the SPL of each element is 143 dB (peak value in half-space conditions). The loudspeakers’ peak power handling capacity is 9600W AES.

DBS 18-2 iMode

Powered version of the DBS 18-2: the unit has the same dimensions and mechanical and electro-acoustic specifications, but features Outline’s proprietary iMode technology and a Class D amplifier (3000 W EIAJ on 8 Ω).


Passive Subwoofer of the EIDOS series, equipped with a 8” long-stroke loudspeaker fitted with a dual magnet: a transducer able to handle 1000W AES (peak) whose electro-mechanical properties were decided following numerous tests under extreme conditions.

The dynamics and precision of the low frequency range of the EIDOS 108 S ensure a “big” sound – much bigger than the dimensions of the cabinet would lead to imagine [25 cm (9.84'') x 55 cm (21.65'') x 50 cm (19.69'')].

Depth, precision and fast transient response are the key characteristics of this system, which, in spite of its dimensions, is able to confidently operate from the bottom end of the frequency range (38 Hz) and can be easily positioned anywhere, thanks to its “user-friendly” format.

Native iMode APP

Outline reminds users that the new APP, crammed with new functions for the control of the Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. iMode system via iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is available from the APP Store.

Don’t miss the appointment with Frankfurt’s Musikmesse, from March 21st to 24th 2012 (Hall 8.0, Stand F80).

Outline DBS 18-2

Outline EIDOS 108 S

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