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Constructed from an acoustic foam base covered by a specially designed synthetic fur fabric. The 30mm long fur can give up to 25db wind noise reduction. Available in a range of lengths and 3 diameters

The Modular Suspension is a 4-point elastic suspension, that completely supports the microphone in a cradle arrangement. This provides isolation of handling noise from the boom or handle.

This latest design incorporates a new suspension concept, new materials and a new windshield construction for ease of use. The S-Series retains all the quality you can expect from a Rycote product.

These personal microphone covers are to be used in an outside environment. It is a complete system with various components for use over clothes, under clothes(hidden) and in windy conditions.

The Windjammer is designed to fit over the Windshield to provide the highest possible protection against extreme wind.

The Smoothie is a robust and practical 2 part foam cavity windshield, made of an open acoustic foam base and covered by a thin foam outer skin. The Smoothie will give windnoise reduction of up to 22dB

A Mini Windjammer is simple lined fur cover to fit over the microphone directly or its foam gag. They are used on and off of camcorders to provide a cheap and effective protection against wind noise.

Designed and constructed to offer the wind attenuation properties of a full sized windshield in a much smaller package. Perfect for lightweight, low profile boom applications and hand-held operation

Stereo suspensions available to fit a variety of stereo pairs, single shank stereo microphones and stereo capsule microphones. Range of accessories available including the Connbox and the MS/XY cage.

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