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WK-AUDIO – DAW-Controller ID

The ID Controller by WK Audio is one of the most advanced software controller available today. Developed in tandem with Nuendo, ID ensures unprecedented levels of integration with Steinberg's Media Production software. The unique versatility and advanced usability concept make ID suitable for any audio work, including post production, music tracking, broadcast and sound design.

Dedicated buttons for Nuendo functions as well as user-definable layouts and function keys give access to just about any parameter within seconds. Precision engineered and hand-built in Germany, ID has been designed with absolute attention to detail, to give you not only full control but also absolute transparency in your project. The perfectly structured layout concept makes your project not only clearly visible, but touchable.

ID Control offers a range of innovative functions not found in other products of its type. The dual-purpose, touch sensitive function system allows keys such as the Solo and mute buttons to function either as buttons or switches. If a key is pressed longer than 200ms, the key is engaged as a button that activates the function only as long as the key pressed; pressing the key for less than this time interval uses the key as a switch, toggling its state. The intuitive Reverse mode allows the integrated keyboard to be used for functions such as track arming, solo or mute for channels 1 to 96, including optical controls. The stunningly effective Expand function instantly lays all channels belonging to a group on consecutive faders on the mixing surface, regardless of where they are located ion the Nuendo project itself.


  • Broadcast
  • Multimedia & IT
  • Post Production
  • Recording


List price EUR 13.95 excl. VAT
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