LM-8 8" 150W full range LM-10 10" 200W full range LM-12 12" 300W full range LM-15 15" 350W full range

DS series is very suitable for Meeting Rooms, Square, Schools ,Bars,Society Activities, Monitor Loudspeakers and so on.

D2000 2×750W D3000 2×1050W D5000 2×1500W D8000 2×2000W

LS series use best drive unit. Make the PS+ series sound is very powerful, high sensitivity, high output and lightweight.

High ferrite materials & Cone is UKM materials woofer

from 450W to 1800W at 4ohm stereo. from 600W to 2400W at 2ohm stereo.

DFP series with its elegant aluminum panel design, using class H Amplifying circuit all model is 2U, Inside have crossover can adjust high pass, low pass and by pass.

1. Complex Conic Horn: solves problems of earlier horns, deliver natural sounding music and intelligible speech. 2. Extended pattern bandwidth / minimal coloration 3. No pattern flip at low fre

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