Barix AG – Barix Annuncicom 1000

The Annuncicom 1000 is a premium, professional grade device that combines intercom, paging and IP-based audio conversion for PA system playback into a half-width 19-inch, rack mountable box. With eight supervised contact closure inputs for audio control, eight relay outputs for audio routing or control, and a redundant power supply input suitable for both 24 and 48 volt based systems,, the Annuncicom 1000 marks a major step forward for Barix in the intercom market. The Annuncicom 1000 is an excellent choice if telecom power supplies (-48V), balanced inputs and outputs, or several control inputs and outputs are needed to switch speaker circuits, for example.


  • Broadcast
  • Live Production
  • Other Subjects
  • Recording
  • Studio Installation


List price USD 995.00 excl. VAT
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