The new Altair MTX-416 is a programmable Intercom Matrix allowing instant recall of up to 5 different presets. Each preset determines the allocation of up to 16 intercom equipment connected to line 1 for example can be addressed exclusively to one of the 4 channels.

Power to the lines is taken from the 4 intercom channels and distributed to the selected lines.

The design incorporates input and output link connectors for easy X and Y expansion of number of channels and/or lines. An 8 ch to 32 lines matrix system can be done with 4 units.

The use of a Matrix in any medium to large size itercom system allows for daily instant reorganization of the full intercom functionality and the ability for easy reconfiguration by the system administrator.

The unit can also be used as an 4 in to 16 out Audio matrix and by using the reverse mode, it can be operated as a 16 in to 4 out matrix-selector operating in horizontal exclusive mode.


  • Installed Sound


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