PROTECTION: Incorporates multiple protection: Switch On/Off transients, delayed inrush current, DC output current, short and open circuit, overheating in the output stage and power supply.
SPEAKON: Besides a 4m/m diameter twin binding post per channel, (normalized according to EN-60065), amps incorporate SPEAKON connectors for their high connection capacity and very extended use.
BALANCED: Equipped with electronic balanced input circuits for noise immunity in long wiring set-ups.
2Ω: MF Series power amplifiers are prepared to work in low impedance conditions, down to 2Ω loads.
COOLING: Heat evacuation is guaranteed by temperature dependent high flow fan operation (front to back servo assited fan circuits).
POLARITY: An inboard switch is included, in order to select the iput polarity. Although the A.E.S. organization recommends 2+norm, at present time, an important percentage of sound equipment is wired with 3+polarity.
H CLASS: The MF24, (highest power of the Series), incorporates H class configuration output stages for improved amplifier and power supply efficiency, offering as a result an increase in power and a reduction in weight.
SENSITIVITY: Through internal adjustments on the input module board, several input sensitivities can be selected, in order to adapt the amp to the rest of the equipment.
LIMITER: Limiter circuits with fixed threshold. These limiters will lengthen notably loudspeakers and power amplifier's life without appreciable deterioration of sound quality.
BRIDGE: The BRIDGE configuration is for PUBLIC ADDRESS applications and in order to adapt the power amplifier to certain load conditions.
MOS-FET: All MF Series amplifiers incorporate MOS-FET technology power transistors with LATERAL geometry. These devices assure high reliability and maximmun sound quality.


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