MCaudioLab – EQ1tp

The choise of a tube-rectified plate power supply is the best one for class-A circuit topology: great sound impact,
harmonic richness, well focused basses.
Our MCAudioLab EQ1tp has a fine power supply fully IC regulated and tube rectified for plate high voltage.
IC power supply regulators, instead, provide a low noise power supply as well as the full-wave tube rectifier does.

The Equalizer is comprised of a low frequency shelf filter that can be switched to either 20Hz to 150Hz and
a high frequency shelf that can be set for 4 KHz to 20KHz. These shelves are continuously variable gain.
The EQ can be completely switched out with the bypass switch making it easy to keep out from the signal path.
The EQ1tp unit feature a passive circuitry but instead has an ALL-TUBE class a make-up gain amplifier.
Balanced inputs is completely transformerless instead of output that is transformer coupled.
EQ may be set to 'flat' positions or bypassed entirely.

The feature that impress the sound engineers is the excellent sonic quality even at extreme levels plus
a very, very low noise circuitry.


  • Broadcast
  • Recording
  • Studio Installation


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