Supported Operating Systems:

CONEQ™ Workshop has been tested to run on the following operating systems:

• Windows Vista 32-bit
• Windows XP, Service Pack 2
• Windows 2000 Professional, Service Pack 4
It is expected to run also on other recent editions of Windows.

CONEQ™ Workshop has also been reported to run under Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Windows Vista on a MacBook Pro laptop, operating via Apple’s Boot Camp dual boot package.

Audio Requirements:

• User must be able to properly install and configure the sound card or audio interface (audio device) and, if necessary, drivers.
• An omnidirectional measurement microphone with flat frequency response curve must be used. An acceptable alternative is to use an omnidirectional microphone with a known, electronically available individual frequency response curve in a format that is compatible with CONEQ™ Workshop.
• User must ensure that the audio device is working properly and is compatible with the CONEQ™ Workshop application. The audio device must be capable of simultaneous (full duplex) playback and recording, and both the audio device and the measurement microphone, along with the connecting cables, must be in perfect working order.
• User should test the audio device by making input/output loopback measurements as described below.
• User should be ready to make calibrating measurements and corrections if necessary, prior to making the actual measurement.

It is important to understand that failure to take the steps mentioned above will increase the probability of incorrect measurements, which may cause undeserved disappointment about the achieved results, CONEQ™ Workshop software and CONEQ™ technology in general.

Phase filters - linear/minimum
Sampling frequency - 44,1/48,0/88,2/96,0
Customisable filter length
Customisable limiters
Smoothing 1/6 octave to 1 octave
4 different measurement test signal periods
8 different measurement time windows
8 target curve suggestions
Composite correction
Recalculation of filters without repeated measurement
Auto record

CONEQ™ Workshop is protected against illegal copying using Syncrosoft eLicenser technology. It is a hardware based copy-protection system and you received a USB copy-protection device together with your software. You must connect the device to your computer before starting CONEQ™ Workshop.
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