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CONEQ™ Workshop is highly sophisticated software to measure acoustic power of loudspeakers and synthesise correction filters to achieve acoustically truly flat frequency response.

CONEQ™ Workshop acoustic power measurement software is unique in terms of precision and speed in analysing speaker and speaker array frequency response characteristics. Measurement accuracy in unprecedented; acoustic power measurement literally reflects the true frequency response in time domain, thus revealing the physical capabilities of the speakers.

But CONEQ™ Workshop stretches beyond the analysis alone – CONEQ™ Workshop creates the correction finite impulse response (FIR) filters, applying which the correction is effectively achieved.

Each acoustic power measurement with CONEQ™ Workshop results in speaker frequency response curve, impulse response characteristics and a correction filter, length of which can be determined within CONEQ™ Workshop to suit the requirements of particular filter application tool - hardware or software.

About the measurement – CONEQ™ Workshop plays the test signal through the sound system. The user moves the measurement microphone slowly across the sound field of the loudspeaker system while the software acquires hundreds of data units. This process typically takes three minutes and requires a measurement microphone and a compatible audio interface or soundcard.

When the measurement process is completed, CONEQ™ Workshop recalculates the measurement data producing a graph reflecting the true Acoustic Power Frequency Response of the sound source, then CONEQ™ Workshop generates inverted correction curve.

The primary benefit of CONEQ™ extremely high-resolution correction is the exceptional linearity brought to the loudspeaker system, which results in unusual sonic accuracy and realism. In live-sound applications CONEQ™ increases intelligibility while reducing feedback, and in recording applications a CONEQ™ corrected monitoring system reflects sound neutrally, which is essential for mixing music performed either by live singers or music instruments, both acoustic and electronic. However, CONEQ™ Workshop brings a lot more benefits and functionality than quoted above.


  • Broadcast
  • Installed Sound
  • Live Production
  • Other Subjects
  • Post Production
  • Recording
  • Studio Installation


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