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The innkeeper 1x gets audio in and out of analog telephone lines. Its excellent caller audio output does not exhibit the transmit/receive crosstalk common to analog hybrids. This makes innkeeper 1x perfect for radio or television talk shows, teleconferencing, or auto-answer IFB feeds.

The main function of any hybrid is to bring in the caller’s voice from the phone line, as clear and clean as possible. In the real world, when you send your voice down the telephone line it has a tendency to bleed over into the caller’s audio. The hybrid must adapt to the phone line in order to properly separate transmit and receive audio. We use a 16-bit DSP to monitor the phone line and audio signals continuously in order to deliver excellent separation. Our dual-convergence echo canceller algorithm can achieve excellent transhybrid loss, typically exceeding 50 dB, without any setup and without sending a burst of noise into the phone line.

From the front panel you can control on-hook/off-hook, and adjust headphone volume. Front panel LEDs display signal levels and option status. The Send and Caller Volume controls are hidden behind an access panel to discourage unauthorized “tweaking”. Five feature switches are also hidden behind the access panel.

AGC (Automatic Gain Control) adjusts the caller volume to an average level. AGC will tame a loud caller, and boost a quiet caller or quiet long distance connection.

Caller Ducking drops the Caller output level by 9 dB whenever the host speaks. This keeps the host “in charge” of the show, automatically making sure the caller never overpowers the host by attempting to talk over the host’s voice.

Press the “Presence” button and you’ll get a richer sound from the caller’s voice. This digital filter brings back some of the low-end lost in transmission.

The Test Tone generator sends a 1 kHz full level tone either down the phone line or out the Caller XLR jack. This tone represents the maximum level transmit into the phone line or out the XLR jacks. The Test Tone generator is not required for tuning the digital hybrid.

Auto-Answer simply answers on the first ring and disconnects at the end of the call.
This wouldn’t be a JK Audio product without its fill of common-sense features. Check out the front-panel headphone jack and volume control. You can monitor either the send signal, the caller’s voice, or a mix of the two. This output is also sent to the rear panel screw terminals so you can easily add a monitor speaker.

In fact, several remote control connections can be found on real screw terminals for ease of installation. Three balanced audio connections: mic/line switchable XLR input, XLR caller output and an additional, user-defined XLR output.

And possibly the coolest feature: the innkeeper 1x can be remote controlled by either the optional Guest Module 1, the RIU-IP remote interface, or the included RS-232 cable. The Guest Module 1 allows remote Call, Drop, and DTMF dialing while the RIU-IP allows control of all functions of the innkeeper 1x through your web browser whether it is directly connected to your computer or via the internet from around the world. The RS-232 cable allows similar control using simple ASCII commands.


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