DPA Microphones – 5015, 4015-TL Surround Microphone Kit

The 5015 4015-TL Surround Kit consists of:
- Five 4015-TL Wide Cardioid Microphone, P48 (match within ±1 dB in sensitivity and frequency response in the microphone's entire frequency range)
- Five UA0898 Shock Mount

Intended for use in WCSA (Wide Cardioid Surround Array), this kit offers:
- Five identical microphones; sensitivity and overall response and sound character
- Optimal blend between desired ambience control (cardioids) and room tone (omnis)
- Very stable front image and excellent localization accuracy
- Intense, dynamic, and enveloping sound character
- Rear cardioids can be angled upwards to blend in important height information

Expand this array with two left/right omni outriggers and you get a beautiful coherent, precise, and rich surround sound image


  • Live Production
  • Recording
  • Studio Installation


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