DPA Microphones – 5006, 4006-TL Surround Microphone Kit

The 5006 4006-TL Surround Kit consists of:
- Five 4006-TL Omnidirectional Microphones, P48, Transformerless (match within ±0.5 dB in sensitivity and frequency response in the microphone’s entire frequency range)
- Five L50B Acoustic Pressure Equalizers, 50 mm (1.97 in) Ball

Intended for use in spaced omni configurations, this kit offers:
- Five identical microphone types, with the same sensitivity and overall response and sound character
- Intense sensation of envelopment created by time-of-arrival differences and suitable decorrelation
- The excellent sound color and authentic reproduction that is unique for omni microphones
- Full frequency range in all channels
- The choice of altering the frequency response and directional character to the unique vintage sound color created in the early Decca releases by mounting the supplied Acoustic Pressure Equalizers without adding noise and preserving the clarity, phase, and impulse responses of the state-of-the-art DPA microphone.


  • Live Production
  • Recording
  • Studio Installation


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