DHD – 52-5170 HD-SDI Audio Module

Since the introduction of DHDs new SERIES 52 last year the 52/MX MODULAR MIXING CONSOLE has been able to prove its high reliability known from former DHD products in various installations throughout the world.
Also part of the new SERIES 52 family are the 52/XR MADI ROUTER, the 52/MB MADI BREAKOUT SYSTEM and the 52/CR COMPACT ROUTER.
Since the beginning of this year a newly developed HD-SDI Embedder/ Deembedder module is available, which may optionally be added to both the 52/MB MADI BREAKOUT SYSTEM and the 52/CR COMPACT ROUTER. This module comes with one HD/SD-SDI input (BNC) and four HD/SD-SDI outputs (BNC).

The HD-SDI Embedder/ Deembedder module can be operated in different modes. These operation modes differ in the number of signals,
- which can be extracted out of the SDI data stream for using them into the 52/MB MADI Breakout System and the 52/CR Compact Router respectively (De-Embedder) or
- which are coming out of the 52/MB MADI Breakout System as well as the 52/CR Compact Router and should be included into the SDI data stream (Embedder).

Depending on the configuration, the module is operated as Deembedder (8 channel input), as Embedder (8 channel output) or as Embedder/ Deembedder (4 channel input and 4 channel output). The configuration can be changed via a standard browser.

Independent from the chosen operating mode, the incoming SDI signal can also be directly connected to the SDI output pairs 1,2 and 3,4 by software instead of using the embedder data stream.

The powerful input and output routing capabilities offer the possibility to modify or move SDI audio groups.

SRC (Sample Rate Conversion) can be activated for input and output channels. Additionally other parameters of the inputs and outputs like up to 10 seconds delay for each channel, phase shift and gain can be set independently. The module allows also AES3 transparent mode for DOLBY E or DOLBY DIGITAL.

The module has a power consumption of only 2,9 W.

Supported video standards are SMPTE-292M for high-definition digital video (HD-SDI) and SMPTE-259M for 270Mbit/s PAL and NTSC signals.


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