DPA Microphones – MSS6000 Microphone Summation System

The MSS6000 is a professional microphone and preamp summation system designed primarily for amplifying stringed instruments such as violin, cello and bass in an orchestral setup or other large events.

A single MSS6000 system provides control of up to ten sound sources, reducing an entire section of ten down to two channels on a mixing console, thus freeing up many useful and costly channels on the stage box and the console. The whole system is powered by two channels of 48 V phantom power.

The complete system consists of five Stereo Satellite Boxes, one Master Sum Box, ten Miniature Microphones (4061-BM), five MSS6000 cables, ten Microphone Holders for Strings and ten Universal Surface Mounts, all supplied in a durable Samsonite® briefcase.

The system is pre-equalized with hi- and lo-cut for sound reinforcement applications.


  • Broadcast
  • Live Production


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