DPA Microphones – 3521: 4021 Compact Stereo Kit

The 3521 is a complete stereo kit with two 4021 Compact Cardioid Microphones carefully matched within ±1 dB on frequency response, sensitivity and self-noise. Complete with a wide range of accessories, this kit is designed especially for low profile mounting directly inside a piano. With the XY/ORTF holder, the kit is also exceptional as a compact stereo pair for applications such as overhead for drums, horn or string sections, choirs, main or additional spot pair for small or big acoustic ensembles.

The complete kit is supplied in a sturdy carrying case and includes the combination XY/ORTF holder, a shock mount, 2 gooseneck mounts and 2 magnet bases for mounting on metal surfaces and windscreens.


  • Live Production
  • Recording


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