DPA Microphones – 4028 Compact Wide Cardioid

The DPA 4028 is a phantom powered (P48) compact condenser microphone using the same type of cartridge as the 4015-TL wide cardioid microphone, but is preamplified using a build-in ultra-small thick-film mounted FET-preamplifier.

The 4028 has a standard LEMO-connector for simple and safe mounting and removal of the microphone and is designed for usage together with the elegant and flexible Compact Active Poles for Flamingo floor stands or table shock mounts. The 4028 in conjunction with our Flamingo Stand is an ideal low profile solution for the audio engineer as well as the set designer.

The linear on-axis frequency response together with the extremely smooth off-axis response makes the DPA 4028 the optimal choice in live situations in front of both the non-professional and the professional performer. For a conference panel, a few 4028s will easily cover the participants.

The Microphone is supplied with a 3 m cable Lemo to XLR.


  • Live Production
  • Recording


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