DPA Microphones – 4027 Compact Wide Cardioid

The Type 4027 is a phantom powered (P48) compact condenser microphone using the same type of cartridge as the 4015 wide cardioid microphone, but is preamplified using a build-in ultra-small thick-film mounted FET-preamplifier.

The 4027 has its cable (3 m as standard) side-mounted, which mechanically is perfect for situations where the microphone needs to be mounted directly on the musical instrument or on a stand.

The linear frequency response together with the nice and subtle high frequency lift give that brilliant sparkle of purity, which will bring your sound to a higher level. The ultra-small design makes Type 4027 the perfect choice whenever high definition audio and insignificant size is paramount. With unbelievable depth and precision, the DPA Compact wide cardioids will exceed your expectations on choirs, percussion, grand pianos, reed and brass instruments and much more.


  • Live Production
  • Recording


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