DPA Microphones – HMA5000 High-Voltage Microphone Amplifier

With the HMA5000 and one of our hi-voltage microphones, you have the most serious signal path from sound source directly to track. With an impressive frequency range from 10 Hz to 100 kHz (+0 dB/-1 dB) and an extremely wide dynamic range of 140 dB, the HMA5000 carries the clean and undistorted microphone pickup through the amplification link without any disturbance - the finest challenge for a mic amp.

The HMA5000 is designed for use close to the microphones to keep microphone cables as short as possible, it therefore has an extremely compact, simple and rugged chassis design.

Besides being a microphone amplifier with unsurpassed specs, HMA5000 is an extremely comprehensive microphone power supply unit with 130 V for the hi-voltage microphone preamplifiers, 190 V for capsule polarisation and 6 V for heater voltage in the 4041-T tube microphone. The gain range is from -20 dB to +30 dB by individual switches per channel. Also the phase can be reversed on both channels individually.

With the HTP4000 adaptor, the HMA5000 can be used with ordinary 48 V phantom powered microphones.

Armed with this, you give your DPA mics the amp they deserve!


  • Live Production
  • Recording


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