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MAAT Inc. – DRMeter MkII

DRMeter MkII is a cross–platform plug–in for the measurement and monitoring of audio Loudness and dynamics. The plug–in premiers several new features for the Loudness metering marketplace, and is the first loudness measurement tool specifically designed for music creation as well as broadcast production and post.

Available for all major DAWs, DRMeter MkII follows on the success of MAAT’s original DRMeter. DRMeter MkII was created for engineers working in all audio industries, from mainstream music production, content streaming, broadcast radio and television to gaming, theatrical, industrial and AR/VR.

Measurement methods include all international EBU and ATSC Loudness metrics, as well as MAAT’s own DR Dynamic Range ad hoc standard for judging “dynamic density,” the amount of dynamic contrast in a recording.

DRMeter MkII is the first Loudness meter that combines high accuracy R128 and A/85 conformance with elements crafted expressly for music creation. It is the only Loudness meter that displays channel–specific trends by augmenting EBU–mandated monaural measurements with classic L/R metering for Max. Short Term, Max. Momentary and True Peak, to identify trends and channel–specific issues without the need for an additional meter. It is also the first plug–in to offer both the emerging Minimum PSR metric, Sample Peak–to–Short–term Loudness Ratio, and official DRi or integrated DR.

Continuing to lead the Loudness measurement community, DRMeter MkII premiers Dynamic Deviation™, offering lucid Loudness management when mixing and mastering for different Loudness–normalized distribution platforms from Spotify through Apple Music to YouTube. In addition, DRMeter MkII introduces DualVu™, displaying both relative and absolute scales simultaneously so audio artistry is less hindered by adherence to a Loudness target.

The comprehensive DRMeter MkII makes all aspects of Loudness tangible and easy to understand, while a round trip MfiT (Mastered for iTunes) monitoring and metering feature eases seamless leveling for streaming music delivery. Multiple metering modes are visible simultaneously, and presets for all major streaming services and broadcast standards highlight the extensive feature mix.

Working with the current version of DROffline MkII, the batch measurement companion to DRMeter MkII, engineers receive instant answers without leaving their Digital Audio Workstation. A quick drag and drop of a clip onto a current DRMeter MkII instance in a session will trigger a background evaluation and measurement by DROffline MkII, which opens a log file in the foreground for inspection.


  • Broadcast
  • Live Production
  • Multimedia & IT
  • Other Subjects
  • Post Production
  • Recording


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