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MAAT Inc. – DROffline MkII

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Measure R128 Loudness, DRi & More

MAAT's DROffline MkII batch measurement app is the only software that automatically measures all mandated R128 parameters, along with official DRi and a host of key metrics that your DAW may not display. All this, in the background and out of your way. Offering essential options for musically justified, file–based metering, DROffline MkII offers 24 different measurements, including integrated DRi Dynamic Range and PSR, the emerging AES proposed Sample Peak–to–Short Term Loudness Ratio standard.

One file can be evaluated, or an entire directory can be measured in batch mode, all in the background while you continue to work. DROffline MkII generates both plain text and tab–delimited text logs, with optional engineer and studio metadata, so you can hand your clients good looking reports that they can use for replication, distribution and as documentation for downstream post, provenance, or chain of evidence.

Attention Pro Tool & Logic users:
DROffline MkII offers easy access to all audio statistics and metadata, with an easy drag & drop interface. Speaking of drag & drop, DRO2 works in conjunction with DRMeter MkII to run measurements when you drop an audio file onto a DRM2 instance in your DAW.

Product Features:
DRO2 measures DR, R128 and A/85. Plus, it has HRA (high resolution audio) support and a whole lot more. Did we mention it'll romp though your directory far faster and more securely than cloud–based utilities?


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