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MAAT Inc. – DRMeter

The unique DRMeter offers essential options for musically responsive, realtime level metering. These include graphical and numeric measurement of DR dynamic range, SPPM Peak and RMS amplitude, plus digital overs and “digital black.”

DRMeter is MAAT’s first step in bringing forward the legacy of the PMF’s legendary TT Dynamic Range Meter, which was certainly the most popular metering plug-in of the last decade. MAAT paid particular attention to the DRMeter’s ballistics, which contributed to the original’s broad acceptance. We have tested the new DRMeter again and again against the original TT DR Meter to ensure a consistent user experience. In addition, DRMeter is modern, supporting all major plug-in formats including VST/VST3 and AAX for MacOS and Windows plus Audio Units for Mac.

MAAT To The Rescue
The DR meter is back! In conjunction with the PMF, the geeks at MAAT have sweated the details, testing and tweaking to make sure that you get the same familiar and much loved ballistics of the original TT DR Meter tool, which has already helped to preserve dynamics for thousands of modern pop releases and multimillions of records sold. The only difference between the original and new DR meters is the removal of Correlation metering and the Mono Button. That was done, in response to user requests, to reduce UI height so the new DRMeter takes up less screen real estate. We have implemented those functions in a free plug-in, the MAAT 2BusControl, which also includes solo buttons for L, R, MONO & DIFF, plus a left-right flip button and a useful Balance meter.

Usable metering is an essential for any engineer, and the DRMeter´s measurement and display algorithms adhere to our guiding philosophy of enhancing your workflow and improving ergonomics through careful attention to the way you actually work. Ballistics are meticulously tuned to achieve the best match between the aural impressions you hear, and the optical rendering by the meters. Likewise, the plug-in is "light weight" demanding a minimum of CPU resources so it won´t slow down your host.


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List price USD 35.00 excl. VAT
Price range of typical configurations USD 35.00 to 35.00 excl. VAT
Please refer to the official sales outlets for up-to-date prices.

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