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Audiffex – inTone | Guitar

inTone | Guitars offers:

inTuitive control

Users start selecting sounds of famous bands and once they are familiar with inTone, they can create their own sounds.
inTone offers easy access to new sound banks published by other users on the web.
One-click recording. Recorded files are automatically added to the playlist. One-click playback of the recorded performances.


inTone can cooperate with other programs. For instance, it opens iTunes playlists, it connects to ReWire Device applications as Reason etc.

inFinite expandability

inTone opens the bundled effects as well as 3rd party instruments and effects. Even if you like any sound of the competitive software solution, you can use it in inTone.

inTone has a low latency audio engine.

The attached Track Player module allows to
slow down playback of audio files to make practicing easier.


With inTone you can create sounds you wouldn't be able to achieve with any other software

inStant setup changes

One click, one MIDI command or one keystroke can

• Change one scheme of instruments, effects, aux and master effects for another one, completely different
• Set presets for all the software effects and instruments
• Set parameters of all effects and instruments
• Set mixer levels for instruments, aux send and aux return levels
• Send a MIDI Program Change to all external instruments, effect processors, mixers and other hardware devices, controllable by MIDI.
• Connect MIDI keyboards to the software instruments and external hardware instruments with all zones and layers.
• Set up MIDI controller assignments.


  • Multimedia & IT
  • Recording
  • Studio Installation


List price USD 119.00 excl. VAT
Price range of typical configurations USD 69.00 to 129.00 excl. VAT
Please refer to the official sales outlets for up-to-date prices.

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