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DAD - Digital Audio Denmark – AX24

AX24: The ultimate AD/DA and microphone preamp.

AX24 Converter System now offers
integration for Protool HDŽ

The DAD-Digital Audio Denmark AX24 converter system now integrates directly to Protools HD. Audio interfacing can be provides via AES/EBU or MADI. Connection directly to the DIGI Link is also possible. The control of AX24 is provided from the DADman control application, which also interfaces to Protools DAW software enabling the optional mic pre setting to be controlled from the Protools channel strip.

The AX24 converter systems provides an ultimate AD/DA and microphone preamplifier, and by use of the DAD dual converter technology, with sonically and technical quality in the very high end.

AX24 is a modular system available in various configurations, with 2 to 8 line or mic. inputs and/or 2 to 8 analog output channels.


  • Broadcast
  • Live Production
  • Post Production
  • Recording


List price USD 6500.00 excl. VAT
Price range of typical configurations USD 3000.00 to 13000.00 excl. VAT
Please refer to the official sales outlets for up-to-date prices.

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