Wohler Technologies – LM106-6/AC-3

The LM106-6/AC3 provides visual audio level monitoring for Dolby Digital (AC-3) digital signals on six (three pairs)106-segment tri-color LED bargraph meters. Meters are labeled with the standard Surround Sound nomenclature; Left Front/Left Surround, Center/LF Efx, and Right Front/Right Surround.

Input connectors for the LM106-6/AC3 series consist of one XLR connector (balanced, 110 Ohm) with loop-through XLR connector and one BNC connector (unbalanced, 75 Ohm) with loop-through BNC connector. Input connectors are adjustable for termination via a rear panel DIP switch.

The standard display mode is set as a single segment PPM ‘dot’ above a VU bar; each segment’s color is fixed according to its position on the scale. All six bargraph meters are simultaneously adjusted for brightness via a recessed pot on the front panel.


  • Broadcast
  • Post Production


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