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The LM26 Digital Series audio level metering units offer high-resolution level metering with twenty-four or thirty-two channels in a space-saving 1U rack-mountable enclosure.

Standard input connectors for the LM26 Digital Series are Phoenix type terminal block connectors. BNC connector inputs are available as an option designated at time of ordering. Phoenix connector input impedance is 110 Ω (balanced). BNC connector input impedence is 75 Ω (unbalanced). Termination characteristics for each input connector is set via a rear panel DIP switch. A recessed trim pot on the front panel adjusts level meter brightness. A green LED on the front panel offers power indication.

The level meters are vertically mounted high resolution, 26-segment tri-color LED bargraphs. The standard display mode is set as a single segment PPM ‘dot’ above a VU bar; each segment’s color is fixed according to its position on the scale. Each bargraph meter four channel section may be individually adjusted for a number of parameters, including Display Mode, Peak Hold, PPM Ballistics, and Alternate Scales via rear panel and internal DIP switches.


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