In one only 19" Rack high the device is able to process two stereo input signals to obtain five stereo output signals, all with independent level controls.

Used as Zone Mixer, the unit can control five zones in stereo mode or ten in mono mode (or any other combination), from the mix of the original two stereo input signals.

As a audio distributor, it permits to obtain up to ten mono output signals, or five in stereo mode for its use in press rooms, recording units, audio production, broadcast, etc. Since it has two stereo inputs, the DA-410 permits to use the B stereo input as an emergency (reserve) input signal.

Individually selected MIC/LINE input preamplfiers allows microphone or line signals splitting to additional mixers without quality and headroom degradation. Up to 4x8 or 1x10 active splitting is possible.

One MONO switch per Zone allows to convert the output signals in order to adapt them to monophonic equipment. With monophonic input signals, this switch is equally useful to duplicate the signals to L, R (stereo like).

The unit has a monitoring system or PFL, with built-in micro-speakers, headphone output and selectable Vu-meter. It allows analysing and calibrating the input signals and all the outputs. This stereo monitoring system permits a simple and efficient control of audio continuity in moderately noisy environments.

All the inputs and outputs are electronically balanced (XLR) and admit as option, input and output transformers inorder to improve the common mode rejection ratio as well as providing galvanic isolation.

Up to two parametric equaliser card TE-F can be installed as an option, in each one of the ten outputs, permitting the appropriate tonal correction to each zone or speaker system.


  • Installed Sound


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