Wroclaw Audio Force (WAF) – Orfeusz 206

Orfeusz 206 is a combination of hardware and software engineered for true and easy spatial animations.

Orfeusz 206 emulates a user-defined acoustic model and continually updates it while sources are moving.
The result is similar to what one can expect from a modern lighting system - but translated into the sound domain: directional and colorful sound beams operated at will by the user in real time.

With Orfeusz 206 you will:

- Get assistance to properly position your speakers, taking into consideration the constraints of your hall.
- Render the acoustic atmosphere of any type of environment, from open field to cathedrals.
- Locate, and smoothly move the sound sources in real-time.
- Trigger at suitable time sequences of prerecorded trajectories.
- Enjoy spatial effects: couple parameters of sound effects to source motion characteristics, and experience unprecedented sound/space phenomena.


  • Installed Sound
  • Live Production
  • Other Subjects
  • Post Production


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Wroclaw Audio Force (WAF)
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