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Marking a very important step forward in Alcons’ “system synergy” philosophy, the first Digital Drive Processors™ are now leaving the factory.
The DDP™ is an exchangeable signal processing device, which is complementary to the Alcons Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers. The device offers speaker-specific processing and controlling options, enabling the ALC to optimally drive all Alcons pro-ribbon speaker systems in any configuration for any application.

Placing the “2-in / 2-out” DDP™ in the front of the ALC converts the ALC from a “standard” stereo power-amp into a dedicated amplified loudspeaker controller. Due to the modular concept, Alcons users now have a choice between fixed analog and variable digital system processing.

Jeroen Fortanier, R&D engineer DSP/electronics: “The DDP has been designed to offer intuitive control and utmost reliability while preserving the sonic excellence of Alcons’ pro-ribbon based sound systems. This was not an easy task, as the extreme resolution of our pro-ribbons reveals even the smallest sonic details.”

Due to this requirement, the design was based on a 96kHz. sample rate Delta-Sigma conversion with 27-bit (stacked) word length and fixed-point internal processing, driven by a powerful 56 bit, 120 mips DSP engine.

Fortanier continues: “Another important development task was operation reliability. Although we previewed the DDP already at the 2006 Frankfurt show, we kept the 0-series production version under extensive beta-testing to assure reliability under all conditions.“

The System Drive section of the DDP™ provides system controlling and optimizing, with presets for all available Alcons systems and system configurations.

Some unique DDP™ features include:
- Intelligent Driver Guidance IDG™ processing: optimized power response through “True-RMS” intelligent power and (separate) excursion limiting guidance.
- “Von Helsing’s Filterslope Architecture”; crossover filtering is done with hybrid Bessel, Butterworth or Linkwitz Riley responses, enabling optimal speaker matching.
- CSQ™ “Constant & Symmetrical Q” algorithm offers complete filter integrity for the on-board parametric equalising.
- LimitLog™ provides real-time signal logging on signal present and dB limiting of the selected system, over the past 7.000 operating hours.

General functions include: complete Alcons systems library, input signal routing, 4-band parametric eq, delay up to 294ms, 99 user-programmable and nameable presets, preset recall/compare function, a.o.

The complete system status can be seen with a single view on the DDP™ “home-page” on the large 128x64 dots backlit LCD display.

Firmware updates are performed via the side-located USB-port; Dedicated boot-loader software makes the firmware updates efficiently Internet-downloadable, where Alcons system owners have unlimited, free updates for all current and future Alcons systems and system configurations.

The DDP is backed by Alcons’ renowned 3-year “no hassle” warranty.

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Alcons background information;
Alcons Audio is a Dutch company, active in development and manufacturing of professional sound systems for quality-conscious clients in the cinema, installation and touring industry.

Alcons sound systems excel in HiFi sound quality at concert sound pressure levels; Basis for this quality is Alcons’ proprietary high-power ribbon technology.

All Alcons speakers and amplifiers/processor are developed and manufactured in house with traditional craftsmanship combined with the latest technologies, materials and production processes.


  • Broadcast
  • Installed Sound
  • Live Production
  • Other Subjects
  • Studio Installation


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