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The Altair CN-220 incorporates in a compact unit, a Dual Compressor-Limiter with a full-featured Noise Gate fron end.

Dedicated filters are provided in the Gate section to Trigger the gate, only by the desired instrument, avoiding false gating. Test monitoring of the filtered signal is available to set-up the gate effect. Front panel Attack and Release time parameters are provided for optimal sound reconstruction or special effects creations. Background stage noises are easily removed without signal degradation, enhancing instrument control and mixing operation.

Special attention has been taken to provide the professionals with a general purpose device. Specs such as +24 dBu (max) Input/Output level operation and extremely low output noise guarantee a broad range of audio industry applications. Additional features include a Band Compressor mode with adjustable frequency selection to achieve a variety of effects as De-Essing, Vocal Stopping, Drum Levelling, etc by compressing only the desired band without altering the whole audio spectrum. Electric Bass guitar sounds, for example, become more natural as the harmonic contents are unaltered when "Slap bass" playing.

. Dual/Stereo Compressor+Noise Gate+Band Compressor/De-Esser.
. Large Gate activity indicators and Gain Reduction Bargraphs.
. Wide angle 12 LDEs output level indicators.
. State of the art VCA's for superb, no compromise sound transparency.
. HPF & LPF side chain filters/Monitor switches for precise gating.
. Program dependent automatic compression time constants.
. All four sections incorporate By-Pass switches for ease of operation.
. Balanced Inputs/Outputs by XLR and 1/4" JACKS.
. Universal Power Supply Voltage selection.


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