All Apollo consoles feature:

12 dual layers of faders.
6 full bands of parametric EQ / filters on each channel, group and main path.
2 x compressor / limiters, 1 x expander / gate, and sidechain EQ / filters on each channel, group and main path.
4 independent simultaneous post fader, pre fader or pre EQ track / IFB sends per channel / group path.
Comprehensive monitoring and metering. User splits and independent monitoring for multiple operators.
Independent DSP, routing and control processing.
Integral 8192x8192 router with up to 512 audio channels per Hydra2 port. Fully integrable with any Hydra2 network.
Extensive range of Hydra2 I/O available.
Copper or fiber connectivity.
Highly resilient, comprehensive redundancy and fully hot-pluggable.
Low power consumption and heat generation.
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