Soundcraft – Soundcraft Vi6

Beyond intuitive.

Direct access to all functions with maximum information and visibility at all times.

A unique integration of touch screens and encoders eliminating complex and fatiguing mental mapping.

A compact operating surface with a perfectly optimised control density.

The time has come to forget the console and focus on the creativity.

The time has come for Soundcraft Vi Series digital live sound consoles.

Thirty years in the making.

With more than 30 years in the business, no-one knows more about live sound mixing than Soundcraft. In our opinion, thereís simply no point in presenting the live sound engineer with the undeniable power and flexibility of digital audio technology if all that power is locked away in an ill-conceived and inaccessible mixer that confuses the operator and impedes workflow. Thatís why our first digital live sound consoles put the engineer at the heart of the process, just like our analogue mixers do. The product of a development team that combines unrivalled Soundcraft live sound know-how with the impressive digital audio expertise of our sister company Studer, the Soundcraft Vi6ô and Soundcraft Vi4ô are third generation digital live sound consoles which abandon the layering and central assignability concepts of other designs in favour of a system thatís altogether more intuitive.

Say goodbye to the learning curve. Say hello to Soundcraft Vi Series digital live sound consoles.

The Soundcraft Vi system consists of three elements: the compact, space-saving control surface, the local rack containing the SCore Live processing engine and a stagebox which connects conveniently to the local rack via Cat5 or Cat7 cable, with fibre optic interfacing available as an option.

The 32 fader Soundcraft Vi6 control surface delivers simultaneous mixing of 64 mono inputs into 35 outputs, with 24 insert send/return pairs assignable to any of the input or output channels.

All input channels can have direct outputs in addition to their internal routing to 32 Group/Aux/Matrix busses, and the main LCR and LR busses.

Pristine sound quality is assured by a combination of Soundcraft ultra-low noise mic amp designs and Studer advanced 40-bit floating point digital audio processing.


  • Broadcast
  • Installed Sound
  • Live Production


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