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XENON has been designed as a perfect mixing solution for small radio stations, small studios, which are part of large radio facilities and for outside broadcasting. Radio broadcasters who expect high performance for their money and would like to convert their studio from analog to digital technology or start up a new station, will not find a digital mixer at a better price-performance ratio, combining best functionality and a clearly arranged console layout as the XENON. Relying on a classical design, DJs will find the comfort of an analog consoles in XENON while enjoying all advantages of digital broadcasting, as XENON is providing integrated Microphone Pre-Amplifiers, DSP such as EQ and voice processing, signal routing and free configurable GPIs. Training time, even for unskilled staff, is reduced significantly.
XENON, the all-in-one fully digital broadcast console offers audio inputs and outputs in analog and digital format, routing capabilities and free assignment to faders, DSP functions for audio treatment and processing and a pool of free configurable GPIs for best integration capabilities. XENON is available as a 6 or 12 fader console. Each-6 fader module is in its own housing enabling the XENON to be either a compact or split console. Each channel strip is equipped with a professional 104mm fader assignable with any kind of signal through the GUI configurable input router. Large ON/OFF buttons, a CUE button for pre-fade listening, alternate source selection and an individual BUS assignment to the three main busses PGM, REC and UTL completes the fader modules.
The Monitor-DSP-Master Control Module offers 2 console snapshots and free access to 7 DSP presets including EQ and DYN, which are available in any MIC and TEL channel. It comprises a high resolution 40-LED stereo level meter (VU or PPM) as well as full Control Room and Studio monitoring including check of all busses and predefined external monitoring sources. It is also equipped with a reporter input for quick connection of portable or temporary audio devices, and headphone sockets, powering even low impedance headphones. Talkback buttons and 4 free macro-programmable function buttons complete the Monitor Module.
XENON is supplied preconfigured and therefore is ready for use within minutes. It comes along with Configuration Software which has a graphical user interface based on the console’s surface layout enabling easy setup and administration. The booting time is extremely fast due to the newest industrial micro-processor technology. XENON’s rugged design tolerates a wide range of temperatures and provides precautions for optimum drain of liquids. Furthermore XENON is based on established KLOTZ DIGITAL technology which is proven in more then 1250 VADIS D.C. and AEON installations worldwide offering highest reliability.


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