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ZX2 two-zone mixers are ideal for use in all manner of installations including hotels, convention centers, theatres, restaurants and retail outlets. They offer three stereo line inputs, one paging microphone input with EQ and ducking depth control, and an emergency input. Each zone has selectable stereo or mono output and features a subwoofer output. A mono utility output is also included for areas such as restrooms and foyers. Zone and utility outputs all have an individual source selector and level control, while zone outputs have an added high and low EQ. An emergency interface connector allows for override control and insert of emergency message paging. The added option of remote volume control for each zone makes the ZX2 a must have for your zone mixing requirements. Features include:

- Three stereo RCA line inputs with individual trim controls
- Paging microphone input and 1/4" TRS emergency input for emergency message broadcasting
- Two stereo zone outputs with independent source select switches and level controls
- Subwoofer output on each zone
- High and low EQ controls on each zone
- Microphone ducking depth and EQ controls
- Utility output provides audio to general utility areas (foyers, restrooms, etc.)
- Utility output source selectable
- Stereo/Mono switch on zone 1 and 2
- Remote level controls can be wired to the two zones for applications requiring remote adjustment of audio levels


  • Broadcast
  • Installed Sound
  • Studio Installation


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