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mc˛66 – Inspired by your needs.

Due to its lightweight construction, low power consumption and compact dimensions, the mc˛66 is ideally suited for OB vans, studios, broadcast and live / theatre applications. The core with 8192 mono channels offers 512 DSP channels. With its comfortable sequence automation the mc˛66 is well prepared for theatre applications. Further features of the mc˛66 are the straightforward matrix and console configuration, advanced audio-follows-video with 128 events as well as a completely new designed dynamic automation for live and post-production use. Selected features are:
The Isolate Fader Bay allows working at the mc˛66 with two sound engineers at the same time for different productions, e. g. one for the national and the other for the international sound. This is possible by isolating one or several fader bays from the main bank and layer switching and PFL and AFL monitoring.
Lawo’s new Fader Haptic Mode integrates faders and surround panning joysticks perfectly into your workflow. If you want to work with a fader notch at 0dB level or if you use a backstop PFL or if you need to have a joystick notch to relocate different surround panning positions - the new Fader Haptic Mode is the right thing for you.
The A/B input function is available for all input and monitor channels. It allows the toggling between two matrix crosspoints for one DSP channel.
A network of two or more mc˛66 consoles permits to share I/O resources dynamically in each production. Two or more mc˛66 mixers can be connected with dedicated netlinks (MADI, ATM, AES, analogue) so that, for the user, they appear as one routing matrix. The local sources and destinations can be shared with just one click from the signal list for the relevant signal. Your multiple purpose control room speeds up production setup time and saves money.


  • Broadcast
  • Installed Sound
  • Live Production
  • Post Production
  • Recording
  • Studio Installation


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