2 different VADIS 88x types are available:

V 888: Frame with 21 slots for standard VADIS audio and data cards.
Additional connectors:
Rear: 2 x Word clock sync (BNC), 1 x AES sync (XLR),1 x PC/Console connection (RJ45),
1 x status GPI (D-SUB 9 PIN), 1 x 8-ch GPI inputs and outputs (D-SUB, 37 PIN).
Front: Connector for service keyboard PS2, Connector for service display (male IDC, 20 PIN)

V 884: Same as V 888, but with additional video sync card

Available audio and data cards for all VADIS types: The wide range of VADIS cards permits an individual and spot-on adaptation of the VADIS 888 to any studio layout or customer requirements.

Audio Input Cards:
- 4 channel mic preamp card with high pass filter and phantom power with 24 bit A/D converters
- 8 channel high level A/D card
- SDI input card; 2 SDI inputs with 4 ch embedded audio each
- 8 channel AES/EBU input card with Sample Rate Converter

Audio Output Cards:
- 8 channel high level D/A card 24 bit
- 8 channel AES/EBU output card

Audio Network Cards:
- 2 x 64 channel fiber optic input and output card
- 8 channel DSS interface card
- 4 x 8 channel bidirectional OCTO-BUS card

Data Interface Card:
- 2 channel serial data interface card for RS 422
Signal Processing Cards
- DSP card (Mixing, Gain, Levelmeter, EQ, Dyn)
- Delay Add-On for DSP card
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