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The VADIS 888 comes along with improved aesthetics, an enhanced front panel display to provide more information in a clearly arranged manner and a fan less power supply units (PSUs) for absolute silent operation. An optional hot-swappable redundant PSU is available providing outstanding reliability and allowing maintenance operations while the frame is in operation. KLOTZ DIGITALís hot swap technology applies to all essential components of the frame, such as VADIS cards and the synchronization module. As with the forerunner model, the PSUs are installed at the front of the VADIS 888 for easy serviceability. The new VADIS frame is also available as VADIS 884 version, additionally equipped with a video sync module to be used as audio for video application, following the most established video sync formats and standards.
VADIS 888 is the bigger sibling of the VADIS 212 and consists of a 19Ē fan less 4RU main frame with 21 freely assignable slots for proven interface plug-in cards covering the most established analog and digital audio formats. Therefore the VADIS 888 is the ideal engine for complex and universal applications where a tremendous number of channels need to be routed and a comprehensive router system is required, such as audio routers in the master control room of large broadcast facilities or as PA system engine in huge sport stadiums, airports, hotels and other large public buildings. Depending on the types of VADIS standard cards inserted, the VADIS 888 can manage up to 256x256 I/O real time channels. In combination with additional VADIS 888 frames, huge router systems with thousands of audio I/Os can be established by using the very versatile DiAN fiber optic interconnection network components.
The VADIS 888 is easy to control, either through KLOTZ DIGITALís control surfaces like VADIS D.C.II, user friendly software or even via remote control devices. To enhance the frames reliability, an internal watchdog monitors the system while the system status of the frame is indicated via LEDs on the front panel display. The last system status is stored automatically to make it easily available after power-off. Furthermore a battery-buffered RAM offers additional safety in operation.
The VADIS 888 is compatible to the complete KLOTZ DIGITAL product range and opens up to 3rd party equipment via TCP/IP.


  • Broadcast
  • Installed Sound
  • Studio Installation


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