High-capacity router for mission-critical applications, 8192 I/Os in one core, MADI/ATM/AES2 IF directly at the central frame, DALLIS IF with fibre-optic infrastructure, hot-plugging + online config.

The HD-SDI Embedder/Deembedder module can be operated in different modes. Depending on the configuration, it is operated as Deembedder- 8 ch. input, as Embedder- 8 ch. output or as Embedder/Deembedd

The VADIS 212 is a multi-faceted audio router internally handling up to 256x256 I/O channels. Some of the features provided: Decentralized signal processing, routing and fibre optic audio networking.

The VADIS 888 is the ideal audio engine for complex and universal applications where a tremendous number of channels need to be routed and a comprehensive router system is required.

The new VAB1 Controller acts as a central router and control engine in one and is the core of the VARIZONE Voice Evacuation, Announcement and Background Music System.

Designed for small to medium market television, radio production and small performance group mixing, the Artisan provides advanced routing, mixing and processing functions.

Designed for on-air Radio broadcasting, the Mosaic is a modular, flexible control surface for the Audio Engine router.

Four zone mixer that includes three stereo line inputs, one paging microphone input with 2-band EQ and ducking depth control, and an emergency input.

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