ALTAIR E3 is the natural evolution of our renown ELECTRA consoles. Hundreds of this consoles are on the road working hard all over the world.

The signal path, and working environment concepts is full analog design with automated and recallable analog VCA's and mute functions. A small concession to the digital word is included to manage the 16 EQ and dynamics hard wired switchable sections. A display on the panel bridge complements the edit surface. The design pay special attention to ergonomics with a revolutionary placement of the Groups section in the upper side of the control surface, with preference to the Auxiliary masters placed on the middle.

For maximum flexibility of applications the E3 comes in two versions all including similar functionalities:

- E3 in 3 different frame sizes: 32,40 and 48 mono input channels plus 4 stereo (you can install additional stereo modules if you need). The console is intended for live, broadcast or studio applications. Its 16 auxes section can be configured in mono or stereo pairs. The group section includes 8 standard mixes. An 8x16 Matrix section with analog masters is included with the benefits of digitally controlled sends specially needed in theatre and great venue events.
- E3 Monitor in 3 frame sizes: 36, 44 and 52 mono imput channels is intended mainly for monitor live applications. Its 24 auxes section can be configured in mono or stereo pairs. The 8x16 Matrix section is also included. Auxes 17 to 24 can be redirected as groups to the main LRC busses permitting the use in FOH application. As in the E3, the LR busses can be trimmed in every channel resulting in a total of 27 auxiliary sends console.

POWER SUPPLY: There is no need for concessions about this. E3 power supply opens up new concepts in console's power supply. It uses an actual and proven technology with higher reliability. High efficiency design results in a smaller heat dissipation, which implies a compact 2 rack units size, and only 6Kg of weight. You can work in redundant dual mode to increase your global system security. This power supply is auto range. You must only connect the mains cord and it-shelf adapts to local voltage, within a broad range of 90 to 265V. You will have no trouble working in areas with different voltages or generators power. Auto range increase your reliability. Another benefit of the PS is their green eficiency.

CHASSIS. The construction of the cassis is by structural heavy-duty aluminium profiles and 8 mm hard aluminium plates. Bottom cover is made of honeycomb aircraft aluminium sandwich. This panel is extremely robust and lightweight, enhancing RFI screening.

MOTOFADERS: What is the sense to save in memory the VCA groups without storing the actual VCA fader positions?. That is our response. All we know that the relative positions of these faders define 100% the final mix, so recallable position is a must in VCA grouping.

.Autorange mains power supply and Redundat option.
.It's raining, liquid splits over. One channel is locked and digital problems arise. Do you have a pen? Yes, no problem, press the CPU CANCEL and run in analog. OK
.E3 recovers seamlessly and automatically to its last settings, in a total power loss. That easy.

DYNAMIC and PARAGRAPHIC DIGITAL EQ. Auxiliaries, groups and matrix incorporates dynamics and 8 bands full PARAmetric digital equaliser. The 8 bands are preset at start-up in a distribution manner, so it is easy to start equalising from the beginning although you are in front of a poweful sophisticated parametric.

E3 incorporates VCA groups (with state of art VCA associate circuits) so you could mix from this versatil panel, since, you can make virtual groups, without noise, automatizables, that can be stored. Electra E3 has different ways to perform a mix. You would disable certain functions for greater security in the work. Handling SCENES, you can operate with the 8 VCA, MUTES, DSP EQ and DYNAMIC and MATRIX depending on the job.

LAYER SELECTION: To avoid possible confusion between LAYERS, all the switches and function leds are colour-code. Moreover, you can customize the Layers in the configuration Menu to enable only the ones used in the current show. as an example, in studio production or FOH operation, you only need VCA and MUTES.
On the other hand, Theatre or Monitor applications need the EQ and MTX enabled normally.

Applications includes on-stage live monitoring and hybrid technics. In Ear Monitoring plus wedge is a fact thanks of its 27 auxiliaries. Hepfull tools like digital paragraphic EQ, to cancel out stage feedbacks and DYNamic section for an extra IEM hearing protection are included. E3 Monitor operates also as FOH, thanks to the aux 17 to 24 sends to LRC main busses, creating virtual gropus.


  • Live Production


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