Connect THAT-2 between your telephone and handset for quick access to audio in and out of the telephone. THAT-2 is used by radio stations to record and play sound bytes, and by TV crews for IFB feeds.

BluePack allows live man-on-the-street interviews through a cell phone equipped with Bluetooth Wireless Technology. This sleek belt pack provides a professional look and feel to field reporters.

BlueKeeper desktop hybrid pairs to your mobile phone like any other Bluetooth headset. Connect a mic, headphones and recorder for talk-show quality phone interviews.

Connect a Helix Board to your computer's USB port to get live, CD-quality sound (16-bit stereo with 44.1 kHz sampling rate). Low latency playback allows for simultaneous recording and monitoring.

20 input channel, dual digital effects, 2x1000W output power

The Whizzer controls any device that can chase timecode, directly interfacing to the E/G-Series SSL parallel machine control output and feeds location data back to the console mix automation system.

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