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Lawo AG – Nova73 HD

Nova73 HD routing system
The Nova73 HD is our high-capacity audio matrix, designed for mission-critical signal transmission. It offers up to 8192 in- and outputs in a single core, with MADI, ATM and AES3 interfaces directly available at the central frame. Further interfacing possibilities are supplied by the proven DALLIS interface system which is used to integrate further formats and to realise decentralised, fibre-optic linked infrastructures.
Hot-plugging and online configuration allow you to service, reconfigure and extend the system during operation even when you are on-air. Further features are 96 kHz, Dolby-E compatibility and signal processing from simple gain adjustment to comprehensive processing like equalizer and limiter.
The Nova73 HD is based on Lawo’s STAR˛ technology with an internal dual star architecture, supporting comprehensive redundancy options for almost every active component. Besides the use as stand-alone device, the Nova73 HD can also be employed in local as well as wide area networking applications with several cores – even in our unique Dual Self-Healing Star topology, the benchmark for highly available routing systems.



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