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The new VAB1 Controller acts as a central router and control engine in one and is the core of the VARIZONE Voice Evacuation, Announcement and Background Music System.

Designed for small to medium market television, radio production and small performance group mixing, the Artisan provides advanced routing, mixing and processing functions.

Designed for on-air Radio broadcasting, the Mosaic is a modular, flexible control surface for the Audio Engine router.

Two zone mixer, featuring three stereo inputs, one paging mic input with EQ and ducking depth, and emergency input. For use in hotels, convention centers, theatres, restaurants and retail outlets.

Four zone mixer that includes three stereo line inputs, one paging microphone input with 2-band EQ and ducking depth control, and an emergency input.

Connect a Helix Board to your computer's USB port to get live, CD-quality stereo audio (16-bit stereo with a 44.1 kHz sampling rate). Low latency playback lets you record and monitor simultaneously.

Connect a Helix Board to your computer's USB port to get live, CD-quality sound (16-bit stereo with 44.1 kHz sampling rate). Low latency playback allows for simultaneous recording and monitoring.

The Helix Board 24 FireWire MKII lets you individually stream up to 18 independent channels of audio to your computer and return 2 channels to the mixer for monitoring, all with zero latency.

The Helix Board 18 FireWire MKII mixers feature a FireWire interface that stream up to 16 independant channels of audio to the computer and 2 tracks for monitoring, all at zero-latency transfer rates.

20 input channel, dual digital effects, 2x1000W output power

The Soundcraft Vi6 Digital Live Sound Console provides and extremely user-friendly control surface using the Vistonics II touch screen.

The Whizzer controls any device that can chase timecode, directly interfacing to the E/G-Series SSL parallel machine control output and feeds location data back to the console mix automation system.

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