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LM-8 8" 150W full range LM-10 10" 200W full range LM-12 12" 300W full range LM-15 15" 350W full range

DS series is very suitable for Meeting Rooms, Square, Schools ,Bars,Society Activities, Monitor Loudspeakers and so on.

D2000 2×750W D3000 2×1050W D5000 2×1500W D8000 2×2000W

LS series use best drive unit. Make the PS+ series sound is very powerful, high sensitivity, high output and lightweight.

High ferrite materials & Cone is UKM materials woofer

from 450W to 1800W at 4ohm stereo. from 600W to 2400W at 2ohm stereo.

DFP series with its elegant aluminum panel design, using class H Amplifying circuit all model is 2U, Inside have crossover can adjust high pass, low pass and by pass.

1. Complex Conic Horn: solves problems of earlier horns, deliver natural sounding music and intelligible speech. 2. Extended pattern bandwidth / minimal coloration 3. No pattern flip at low fre

High-Voltage Microphone Amplifier, 2-channel, sounds clean and vivid and has a rich, full-bodied timbre. Low distortion, wide dynamic range.

For all recording, mixing, and mastering engineers working in smaller listening environments and studios, this nearfield monitor offers a professional tool.

The MICA compact high-powered curvilinear array loudspeaker is the mid-sized member of the acclaimed MILO family of loudspeakers.

HQ series is a high-end SMPS product specially designed for entertainment, performance and venues application occasions, with power range from 650W to 1500W, totally 4 models.

Brand: "LEXONPRO" XL series is the popular amplifiers targeted at mid and small multifunctional application projects, with power range from 100W to 600W, totally 5 models.

Brand:"LEXONPRO" CX series is the mid-class SMPS amplifier faced to various large multifunction application project, with power range from 350W to 1200W, 5 models in total.

Brand: "SOUNDSTANDARD" Ls series is a matured SMPS amplifier for mid-end multifunctional application projects, with power range from 320W to 1200W, 5 models in total.

Brand: "FAMOUSOUND" MAs series is upgrated SMPS amplifier suitable for mid and high end performance and entertainment application occasion, with power range from 320W to 1200W, 5 models in total.

Brand:"SOUNDSTANDARD" As a traditional and matured product, CA series is suitable for comprehensive multifunctional application market and has been enjoying high prestige at home and abroad.

Brand: FAMOUSOUND. As a high-end transformer amplifier, adopting new patented technology CLASS J, with the fashional and professional pannel

Brand: LEXONPRO As a high-end flagship amplifier, it has 5 models in total, from 310w to 1500w, enjoying high prestige for high reliablity and super sound performance.

Availble in Passive or Active versions. The AE22s give accurate and trustworthy reproduction of your material with a time accurate response.

The Y18 produces a perfectly curved co-linear ribbon of mid and high energy with Adamson's proprietary Co-Linear sound chamber technology, virtually eliminating time smear.

The Y-10 is a extremely high-power sub-compact 3-way ‘True Line Source Array’, features a single patented Adamson mid/high Co-Linear Drive® module (subject to four patents).

MA Series multichannel amplifiers are designed to simplify and enhance modern distributed sound installations.

Our broad experience in the design and manufacture of high power amplifiers.

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