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Dual Telephone Hybrid for POTS lines, ISDN or VoIP with two analogue or digital Audio lines plus tow Handset/Headset interfaces for Pretalk.

Boundary Layer Microphone, for excellent vocal pickup in boardrooms, conference facilities, courtrooms, teleconferencing. Unique design.

AutoHybrid gives you simultaneous send and receive audio through analog telephone lines. Not just another half duplex auto-coupler, this is a full duplex AutoHybrid.

The innkeeper 1x gets audio in and out of telephone lines. Its clean caller audio output does not exhibit the transmit / receive crosstalk common to analog hybrids.

PBXport is a professional digital hybrid capable of providing talk show quality caller audio from your existing PBX phone system. Echo free connections between your PA and business phone system.

Innkeeper 2 offers two independent digital hybrids in a 1U rack space. The front panel keypad, display, and handset jacks provide easy speed dialing and call setup. Separate XLR caller output jacks.

Innkeeper 4 offers four independent digital hybrids in a 1U rack space. The front panel keypad, display, and handset jacks provide easy speed dialing and call setup. Separate XLR caller output jacks.

ComPack is a handheld tool designed to get audio in and out of analog phone lines, PBX systems, even cell phones. Perfect for Remote Broadcasts, IFB feeds, or interviews over any phone connection.

Broadcast Host turns your desktop into a professional broadcast center. Contains everything you need to get talk show quality phone recordings into your mixer or sound card.

RemoteAmp Blue allows IFB monitoring through a cell phone equipped with Bluetooth Wireless Technology. This is a listen only connection designed for voice IFB or full bandwidth stereo music listening.

innkeeper LTD sends line level signals into the phone line while maintaining excellent separation between your voice and the caller. Perfect for applications that demand talk show quality audio.

This new belt pack lets you monitor balanced XLR line audio as well as one and two channel party line intercom feeds. An internal speaker is disconnected when you plug in an IFB earpiece or headphones

Artist is designed as a powerful matrix platform for intercom and the distribution of analogue and digital audio and TCP/IP data signals - for live audio and intercom applications

The HMD 280 PRO headset has been especially designed for communications in high-noise environments. Its dynamic, super-cardioid microphone has been optimised for close talking distances.

Programmable mute switch; high RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) immunity; rugged construction; compatible with all Modular Series capsules; highly reliable contacts for capsule modules

The Digital Wireless Intercom system complete the well known E-200 intercom series, incorporating compatible functions as Call and mic facilities.

All the components in the system incorporate a microcontroller to implement different tasks as Mic Killer, Remote all Buzzer switch-off, Mic Switch Latch or Push To Talk, Program Interrupt, etc.

Compatibility to any party line intercom system.

The Annuncicom 1000 is a premium, professional grade device that combines intercom, paging and IP-based audio conversion for PA system playback into a half-width 19-inch, rack mountable box.

These fully digital microcomputer controlled conference units are modular built with e.g. loudspeaker, channel selector, illuminated microphone and voting facilities. Designed for flush mounting.

The Digital Recievers are for use in wireless simultaneous interpretation systems in conference centres, hotels etc. By means of invisible digital infrared light up to 32 channels can be received.

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