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Networkable, 8-channel, 64-bit audio restoration and speech enhancement system. Fully automated, offering multiple, simultaneous real-time and off-line processes.

The tube power supply MCAudioLab series (labeled 'tp' on all units equipped with) features, in general, more power and flexibility to achieve that big round (kick) bottom and silky/airy top.

Each channel features a line level input and a bypass switch. A peak program LED bargraph meter (-15dB, 0dB, +10dB) monitoring the output level. A further LED meter minitoring the input signal with

Mic Preamp The mic preamp section has all the features of the TP1tp (the single-channel tube powered mic preamp), a front-panel 1/4'' jack for an instrument input from an electric or electronic

CueFire FREE is a professional, versatile audio playback software which is free of charge. Using CueFire FREE one may easily configure audio playbacks, save them in project files and fire them.

Each channel has a touch sensitive motorized fader, Mute and Solo switches, and a “Burn Button” for audio recording and automation modes. Full sized transport switches and jog / shuttle wheel.

Daisy Chain technology provides opportunity to add other 36 target units for simultaneous, mirror image DVD or CD duplication of 72, 108 or 144 or more at one time. System has 4 year warranty

Available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 or 11 target configurations.

The SP603 is a standalone MP3 player ; it plays back MP3 files stored on its internal HDD in the selected mode and can be programmed to allow fully automated broadcast of personnalized audio programs.

The TP1tp is a valve device dedicated for bringing together two facilities in one unit: It provides a high quality Mic preamp and D.I., suitable for any type of microphone or hi-Z source with the hi

The MP3 Micro Player has been designed for installations and integrations where broadcast of sounds, music or commentaries are required either in a pre-defined playback mode or on interactive input.

High Class modular DAW-Controller for the Media Productions System Nuendo/Steinberg. 39 encoders, 12 rotaries, 41 LCD displays, 350 keys, 12 motor-faders, up to 60 faders, USB, custommised solutions.

DAW-Controller for Media Productions System Nuendo/Steinberg, focused on edit work and multitrack recording.

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