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Oven Controlled Discrete Transistor Crystal Oscillator for lowest jitter

Factory calibrated to better than +/- 0.02PPM accuracy via Atomic Clock

Can be recalibrated in the field to an Atomic Clock for better than +/- 0.02PPM accuracy

Jitter Management Module for improved sonic performance

Atomic Clock input resolves to Rubidium clock for ultimate stability

DA mode cleanly regenerates the incoming reference prior to distribution

The device locks to audio, video, HDTV and atomic clock references

Built-in Video Generator supports PAL, NTSC and even NTSC 60

Unique ability to lock Video Generator to audio eliminates video-induced jitter

Full audio and video gearboxing with simultaneous 0.1 and 4%
pull up/downs

Flywheeling protects the studio from clock dropouts

Extensive frequency and cable termination diagnostics
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