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Creative’s 4 way PC Distribution Amplifier Model Audio LR PCDA-1004 is a one RGB Video –input and four RGB Video-output PC Stereo Audio RGB Video distribution amplifier specifically designed for driving multiple drops and long cables runs. This Device works with any video resolution as it distributes the RGBHV from any video graphics source to four separate display devices. With 350 MHz of video bandwidth, and using standard VGA cable, the LR PCDA-1004 is capable of maintaining signal clarity with up to 150mtr. of cable. Each output is a high current driver necessary to maintain the original signal quality over long cable runs. In fact, the LR PCDA-1004 guarantees the proper driver impedance for all outputs which helps to reduce interference and noise under all conditions. LR PCDA-1004 is compatible with any LCD, Plasma or DLP projectors, as well as any high-end CRT monitor or Video Wall.
Key Features:
350 MHz RGB video bandwidth
Resolution independent
Bi-color LED for sync presence diagnostic
Hi-current outputs for long cable runs
Compatible with any type of display device Transparent signal quality
Rigid metal enclosure
Supports any resolution or frame rate
Internal 240VAC, 50/60 Hz, Power Supply
LR PCDA-1004 guarantees the proper driver impedance.
Institutional Organisations
Computer Centre
Video Walls


  • Live Production
  • Multimedia & IT
  • Other Subjects
  • Studio Installation


List price USD 120.00 excl. VAT
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