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DBC Broadcast – AudioLogger

Each radio station is legally obligated to register the broadcast programmes for documentary purposes - this also apllies to partly regionalzed channels, where each regional broadcast route must be documented.

Our recording programme can be started repeatedly, allowing you to enregister several compressed audio sources via various sound cards - it only depends on the performance rate of your data processor.

Up to 16 switch contacts can be utilized by means of an interface-card. Use this card in order to start and stop a recording (e.g. recording of regional windows).

Everything is logged into a separate file, which enables you to deduce the air-check of the moderator, the co-moderator or the news speaker.

Our special client-software with network access to the audio-server puts you in a position to listen to the recording. Like this, your editors simply save the required recordings on the target medium (cassette, MD etc.) and dispatch them. In addition to that, the chosen extract can be exported in MP3-file format.
Recordings of competitive programmes can also be planned and carried out with our client-software. In this case the recording is effected via our Logger-software during the specified period. Our client-software verifies already during your planning process if the configurated maximum harddisk capacity will be exceeded with the new recording. In that case you will be asked to delete no longer required audio material before starting the next recording.


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Price range of typical configurations EUR 1100.00 to 2900.00 excl. VAT
Please refer to the official sales outlets for up-to-date prices.

DBC Broadcast
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