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DIS – DCS 6000 DC 6990P Conference Unit

DC 6990P is one conference unit for all: Delegate, Chairman, Dual Delegates, Secretarial Staff, Technician and Audience. Login with codes on the bright colourful touch screen or insert your personal chip card - either way the new DC 6990 Digital Conference Unit replies with the exact type and features pre-set for you.

The conference unit is intended for use in conference halls, parliaments, board rooms or regular meeting rooms - everywhere when a person needs to receive or address information to other conference participants inside or outside the conference venue. The portable conference unit includes Speak/Request and Mute buttons with a light bar indicating red for speak and green for request mode. Furthermore it has a lockable XLR plug for a gooseneck microphone, a high quality loudspeaker, built-in channel selectors, chip card reader for user identification and headphone connectors.

The large LCD graphical colour touch screen makes the big difference, and the conference facilities increases tremendously. The conference delegate can select screen language, see speakers and request list, speech time, agenda, messages, conference and delegate information. With a touch on the screen the delegate can vote using 3 or 5 buttons and later see the voting results. Two delegates can share one unit with separate user ID; separate voting facilities and separate channel selectors. The delegates will be recognised individually in the delegate list and by the camera, if camera control is used.

Like all other conference microphones in the DCS 6000 system, this new conference unit can work as voice active or with Auto-Off for a more smooth conference. All units are linked in the DCS-LAN using standard CAT5 cables. This unique conference unit is developed for future demands and combines well-known conference facilities with powerful PC technology.



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