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Unit Audio – Milli-Unit

The Milli-Unit is our entry level with all the basic features you need to add that analog sparkle and punch to your recordings.
Easy setup makes this the perfect companion to your Digital Audio Workstation and It's small footprint takes up very little space in your studio.
Unit Audio Analog Summing Mixers are hand wired point-to-point in the USA using quality Xicon metal film resistors and Neutrik connectors . Now you have access to better sounding mixes at a fraction of the cost of other summing mixers.

Most of us with small recording studios in our homes have probably gone through the same equipment scenarios, better microphones, preamps, software, plugins, countless upgrades in our computers, but we are still missing that polished, subtle end sound. If you are like me, putting a studio together on a budget does not leave enough room to buy an $800.00 or more summing mixer. This is where the line of small passive summing mixers from Unitaudio comes in. I designed and built these passive mixers from a tested schematic found, of course, on the Internet. These mixers are to be used with 8 or 16 channel converters. Again if you are like many of us out there you may have a multi- channel converter and only use the inputs for tracking and maybe two outputs for playback. This leaves a lot of unused outputs. These outputs can run through the summing mixers balanced line inputs and then out of the two summing mixers balanced microphone level outputs into a microphone preamp for increased gain. You then run out of your preamp back into two channels of your DAW for your stereo mix. Pretty simple. The resulting sound is subtle, but definitely better. The stereo separation is better; the bass sounds are tighter and more defined. These mixers require no power to operate, no batteries, no wall connections. There is no AC line noise; they are simply transparent, and now at an affordable price.


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